Happy Birthday, Satoshi: a Milestone in the History of Money

As Gwern’s careful sleuthing revealed, Satoshi Nakamoto listed his birthday as April 5, 1975 on his P2P Foundation profile.

As Gwern mentions, April 5 has no outward significance to Satoshi or Bitcoin.

There is, as far as I can tell, nothing special about 5 April; it’s not a round number, it’s not a symbolic date, it’s not your usual fake birthday like 1 January or April Fools, it’s not the day Satoshi signed up for P2P [Foundation] … , it’s not related to when Bitcoin was released (January) or when the domain was registered (August) etc etc. So it seems like a good guess at a birthday.

However, upon further research, it seems highly probable that Satoshi chose this date symbolically. As Edlund10 points out, this is a very important date in...

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