Jason Dreyzehner

Lead UX Engineer at BitPay, Web-tech tinkerer, Bitcoin nerd, and Agile student of the Austrian School.

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Happy Birthday, Satoshi: a Milestone in the History of Money

As Gwern’s careful sleuthing revealed, Satoshi Nakamoto listed his birthday as April 5, 1975 on his P2P Foundation profile.

As Gwern mentions, April 5 has no outward significance to Satoshi or Bitcoin.

There is, as far as I can tell, nothing special about 5 April; it’s not a round number, it’s not a symbolic date, it’s not your usual fake birthday like 1 January or April Fools, it’s not the day Satoshi signed up for P2P [Foundation] … , it’s not related to when Bitcoin was released (January) or when the domain was registered (August) etc etc. So it seems like a good guess at a birthday.

However, upon further research, it seems highly probable that Satoshi chose this date symbolically. As Edlund10 points out, this is a very important date in the development of money.

The Outlawing of Gold

On April 5, 1933, U.S. President Franklin D....

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BitPay Launches Rebranding

We’ve been hard at work building powerful infrastructure for the next wave of bitcoin adoption.

BitPay’s early identity served us well for our first 3 years, but we’ve come a long way since 2011.

We’ve gone from a small bitcoin startup, to a growing center of bitcoin innovation. We’re quickly recruiting developers in offices across North America, Europe, and South America; we’ve written, contributed to, and implemented BIP standards; we’ve developed the most responsive client operations team in the industry; we’re constantly building and launching major open-source projects for the bitcoin community, including Bitcore and Insight; and we’ve developed the most powerful, reliable payment processing infrastructure in the bitcoin space.

It’s time our visual identity matched our new core, so today we’re launching an updated web presence and a new brand.

BitPay's updated web presence.

BitPay’s updated web presence...

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